Als je geleidehond ziek wordt

Een prachtige post van Stephen Kuusisto, hieronder reblogt.


“No one ever told me that grief felt so much like fear.”

 –C.S. Lewis

Stephen Kuusisto

Stephen Kuusisto

My guide dog Nira has cancer, or “had it”. She underwent surgery this morning and along with the known tumor the vet found another. I don’t know if they got all of it. So grief and fear are driven by not knowing. In turn I add up the things I know. This is one of the tricks of poetry. Another trick of poetry is waiting. The elements of attention will fascinate us again.

Nira had a mast cell tumor and a second unidentified thing which may or may not be cancer. The trick is waiting. May her luck be excellent. I’m doing my best to be her poet. The lab results should be back in a few days.